couch for analysisPsychoanalysis differs from the psychotherapy. On the one hand the psychoanalysis is far more than just a way, how to conduct the psychotherapy. By discovering the unconscious Sigmund Freud created new possibilities to approach questions in cultural studies, philosophy of science, sociology and doing so he founded a new independent science.

On the other hand psychoanalysis (or shorter: simply analysis) as a therapeutic approach has its own unique character. Looking at analysis from outside perspective the first speciality would be that usually you see your analyst few times a week. Further at some point in a treatment you will change your position from sitting in the chair to lying on the couch.

These quite unusual outer circumstances are there to create a safe inner psychic space where you then can really explore and get to know the world of your unconscious.

Step in into the world of the unconscious …

Setting: 3 and more sessions a week lying on the couch

Duration: years