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… in the city

Kochgasse 27, 1080 Wien, Österreich

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stops Lange Gasse / Skodagasse / Laudongasse
trams 44, 43, 33, 5
bus 13A
walk 15 minutes from U6 Alser Straße

… in Viennese Forest

Hainbachgasse 30, 1140 Wien, Österreich

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by car or
by public transportation with U4 till Hütteldorf or S50 till Hadersdorf
further by bus 450 till Sofienalpenstrasse
here you take hailed shared taxi till Hainbachgasse
Please order hailed shared taxi at least 15 minutes before you arrive at Sofienalpenstrasse by dialing +43 1 790 94 24 49
No further fee – your regular ticket for Wiener Linien is fully valid