To offer you a therapeutic frame where both body and mind meet each other means a lot to me.

Traditionally in our specialised modern world body and mind are strictly separated, sometimes too strictly. At the same moment we as human being experience our body, mind and soul simultaneously and equivalently.

You may feel, deepen and taste this connection during a therapeutic walk & talk through Viennese Forest or in a breathing session with me.

walk & talk

walk & talk in the Viennes forestWalk & talk is psychotherapy while walking and not in sitting or lying as you may be classically used to. We walk on lonely paths of Viennese Forest in the 14th district. Here in lonesomeness and in nature, on the air you have a chance to take a deep breath.

We will walk in all weathers and at all times of the year … You may feel snowflakes falling down gently, tingling on the skin of your face and thawing slowly … You may eavesdrop the rain and birds singing … You may be amazed in front of light and shadow play by the last rays of sun in the crowns … Let your thoughts come and go … Feel you body moving – transforms these movements into the flow of your mind and find the entrance to your inner space where you can feel freedom.

Will you come over for a walk & talk?


breath AtmenBreathing connects body and soul in a unique way. You lie on a firm underlay and feel the connection to the ground and how it holds you. Accompanied by me you start to pay attention to your breath and let it guide you on the journey through your inner world.

While breathing we can feel tensions in our body again: Here we get a chance to loosen them. A powerful breath delivers more energy and it may feel vitalising and activating. Slow free breath brings an ease and peacefulness. In the flow of your own breath you may regain the feeling of being secure: your breath regulates itself and never challenges you more than necessary. I will support you on this journey.

Lets take a breath?